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Welcome to Android OpenSearch!

Android OpenSearch is an extensible search application for the Android platform, Google's open source operating system for mobile phones.

It shows a search box similar to the preinstalled Google search, but will allow you to add custom search providers as known from popular Desktop Browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer 7+.

Not only does Android OpenSearch support search suggestions and a Live Folder listing all installed providers, you can also create a Desktop Shortcut to any of your favorite search engine for quick access!

While you are able to add any search provider that complies with the OpenSearch specification, providers that will lead you to a search results page suited for mobile phones are scarce.

Once this site is finished, it will allow you to upload and create new search providers which can then be used by anyone else who has Android OpenSearch installed on their phone.

For now, you are able to download a few providers from the mobile site (which will get a face-lift soon!), like Bing mobile, eBay mobile, Google, LEO, Wapedia (which lets you access Wikipedia content on your phone), Wikipedia mobile and Yahoo! mobile.

If you don't think that Android OpenSearch is a must-have by now, here are some screen shots:
Screenshot  Screenshot  Screenshot

Android OpenSearch and this site are still under heavy development, so stay tuned!